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About Us

"Triumph Chess Academy”

Triumph Chess Academy (TCA) was established in 2018 to introduce and familiarize children to the game of ‘Chess’ at an early age. Founded by Mrs. Purti Tendulkar, a State Arbiter and a renowned chess player from Mumbai. TCA soon became a trusted name and one of the best Chess academy in Pune.

Our key features

Triumph Chess Academy will assist you in your endeavors with most challenging chess tournaments on regular basis.

Online coaching

We provide online coaching courses where students can learn chess virtually from the comfort of their home at a time convenient to them.


Triumph Chess Academy helps students improve their level and build confidence by playing frequently in internal tournaments.

Preparing for tournaments

Practice is the key to success and Triumph Chess Academy is mainly focused on this to improve memory, concentration and calculation skills through proven exercises.

Flexible timings

Various time slots are available and the students can choose as per his convenience and their geographical location.

Structured learning

Triumph Chess Academy offers structured instructions in all the courses. These courses help students understand the game easily and also help them study well.


Leading online chess academy with FIDE ranked trainers who review the students’ games and give them valuable feedback.

Meet our coaches

Our Team of expert coaches guide and train more than 500 + students for local/regional tournaments as well as tournaments in schools.

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Purti Tendulkar

Founder of TCA
and Head coach
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Shrinivas Bhave

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Mukta Bhave

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Ruchi Ranade


Frequently asked Questions

1What is the right age to start learning chess?

4 years

2What are the advantages of Playing Chess?

Playing Chess helps the child to improves focus, concentration, develops lateral thinking ability and to tackle any situation from multiple angles.

3Are online tutorials more effective than real class?

Both have their respective advantages. Online classes for students who reside at faraway places including other cities within India and abroad and physical/real classes for those who live nearby and can form into batches. Internal tournaments are conducted both for online and physical/real classes.

4What can I do to help my child's progress in chess?

Make them solve more puzzles and play more games without prompting them even if they lose games on regular basis. Students who play more games on their own volition would learn and eventually become successful.

5What is a payment method and it is secure?

Parents can pay online and yes; it is secure. We encourage ECS payments.

6What is the role of parents in the process of learning chess?

Motivate the child and encourage them to play while we help them in analyse their follies.

"No one will regret the time dedicated to chess, as it will help in any profession" – Tigran Petrosyan

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