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Right path for Beginners to Boost Career

Making Chess moves With us:

We offer active learning paths such as puzzle solving, memorization to improve memory, frequent testing and assessment to ensure effective learning. Chess is a sport! Children who are interested in participating in chess tournaments receive the best help available on how to improve and prepare for the competitions. Participating in competitions is an important part of chess training. It helps in developing many excellent skills, to perform well under stress, accept defeat with dignity and respect friends and foes.

Advantages of Playing Chess:

  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Enhances the process of logical and critical thinking.
  • Highlights the consequences of an action.
  • Increases patience and reasoning.
  • Develops problem solving-skills.
  • Increases self-awareness.
  • Elevates creativity
  • Boosts planning skill
  • Deepens focus
  • Protects against dementia.

Our Mission :

The mission of our academy is to identify future players and turn them into world-class professionals. We believe that constant practice not only improves the playing skills, but also boosts self-confidence. For this, we constantly hold tournaments, championship matches and friendlies. This opens up tremendous opportunities, especially for players who dream of leaving an indelible mark on this addicting game. To achieve this lofty ideal, we organize classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and club players. We provide them with proper instructions, rules and regulations before they go to tournaments. We strongly believe that players should be respected and adored in the community. Our dream is to become the best chess academy in the country, producing national and international champions, who will ultimately help bring more laurels and medals to our country.

Purti Tendulkar
Founder of TCA
and Head coach
Mukta Bhave
Ruchi Ranade
Shrinivas Bhave
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Student 2 Days Ago

I like the game because it is a brain game...and I enjoy Purti ma’am’s class very much as she teaches very nicely.

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Manjiri Pande 2 Days Ago

Triumph is a very excellent academy for chess training. The academy gives a good platform to develop games and playing skill.Raghav has developed very well in his game and over all approaches towards the game and play.

member img
Ashwini Joshi 3 Days Ago

Best service. Good teachers. Very happy to choose Triumph Chess Academy for my kid. He has learnt a lot.

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2 months
4 to 6 months
6 months to 1 years
Semi Advanced
1 Years and above
2 Years and above

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