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Chess training for beginners

This level will help the child to master the basics of the game – “the Building Block". The academy certified courses are recommended for improving concentration, patience, and decision making.

Advanced chess training

This is the advanced training module in which we will strive to ensure that students succeed at state level, national level and international chess tournaments in their journey to become a champion.

Intermediate chess training

At the beginning of this module, students will partake in the fascinating world of chess tournaments among themselves to start with. Academy-Certified Chess Courses help prepare for chess tournaments that include an in-depth study of the opening, middle game and endgame including strategies.

Take the first step with us

Triumph Chess Academy (TCA) was established in 2018 to introduce and familiarize children to ‘The Game of Chess’ at an early age. Founded by Mrs. Purti Tendulkar, a State Arbiter and a renowned chess player from Mumbai, TCA soon became a trusted name and one of the best Chess academy in Pune.

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Come And Join Our Academy

TCA offers one-to-one chess training for basic, intermediate and advanced students. Our teaching is not limited to online and classroom learning, we also help students bring their game to the various tournaments held locally, nationally and internationally.

Gift your child a new skill

Playing chess is not just idle entertainment. Several very valuable qualities useful in life, are acquired or strengthened by it. Life is like a game of Chess in which we often come across tricky situations where we need to play our moves thoughtfully and wisely.

Our Upcoming Learning courses

Stay tuned for all updates from Triumph Chess Academy (TCA) for upcoming chess events and various courses from Triumph Learning Academy (TLA).

English speaking For Adults

Speak English confidently. Our English courses can help you achieve your goals, accelerate your career, prepare for competitive exams, face interviews and improve your social interactions too.

Hindi Speaking

The Hindi Speaking Course helps you improve your Hindi vocabulary and helps build your conversational skills. This course is designed for anyone who is willing to learn Hindi language.

Marathi Speaking

This is the basic Marathi language course for anyone who wants to have a solid understanding of the language. This language course is for beginners who want to learn Marathi speaking or someone who is familiar with the language but has lost contact and would like to brush up on their Marathi language.


Whether you are a beginner or just exploring your singing range or a vocalist looking to hone your skills, you will find singing tutorials and exercises to help you improve

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