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Full Online Curriculum FOR CHILDREN

Learning for a Better Future Starts here:

If you want to express yourself in a different way and be ahead of others we are here to provide the best for you. We have designed our courses in a way to keep students interested, focused and look forward to.

Our Mission:

At Triumph Learning Academy (TLA), we understand that every child is different and we aim to address student’s learning needs and offer personalized guidance for every student. Our specially designed curriculum helps to identify the need and overcome learning obstacles in a stress-free manner.

We provide reports to help you keep track of your child’s performance and overall development.

Learning Outcomes :

The language course is recommended to improve confidence, fluency and ability to speak in different languages. It also helps improve in academics. It helps to go to the next level in academically and as well as professionally.

  • Improved verbal and spatial abilities.
  • Enhanced creative thinking ability.
  • Speaking other languages will make you a better communicator.

Welcome to the basket of Courses that are on offer

English speaking for kids

Our English courses prepare your child for the next stage, whether they are advancing a school year, starting school, or towards a bright future. It is a lifelong learning adventure that your child will love. Our courses help kids to think and communicate in English confidently thereby achieving better grades in school.


We use an approach that will help you learn the Sanskrit language quickly. We will also provide you with assistance in appearing for the certification exams.

Creative Writing

Our creative writing course offers the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques to improve your writing process. Words can be powerful tools that you can use for many different purposes, and the writing course can help you hone your skills. By studying different forms of writing, you can improve your skills in other areas as well.


Exploring your creativity with different colours. Teachers encourage students to practice more and achieve near perfection by teaching various drawing techniques and methods.

Geeta Shlok

Understanding the essence of the Bhagavad Gita can inspire children and help them cultivate good values and also help them to understand the importance of self-control and how to practice it. The teachings of the Bhagavad Gita tell us how to practice nishkām karma or action without desire.

Aparna Kompella
Head of TCA learning
Smita Dadasaheb Kumbhar
Drawing Teacher
Manisha Sahasrabudhe
Marathi,English,Hindi Teacher
Aparna Damle
Bhagwad Geeta Teacher
Bosky Shah
English Teacher
Netra Khedekar
Sanskrit Teacher
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Adam Smith 2 Days Ago

I like the game because it is a brain game...and I enjoy Purti ma’am’s class very much as she teaches very nicely.

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David Martin 2 Days Ago

you need to be sure there isn't anything embarrassing hidden in the repeat predefined chunks as necessary, making this the first true generator on the Internet.

Triumph Learning

English speaking for kids
Creative Writing
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Geeta Shlok(For Kids and Adults)

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